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It was magical. A truly heart-warming experience that still sends shivers down my spine and I get a lump in my throat just listening to the video (replayed again and again) every time!

I was presenting at a primary school in Pitmedden, a small town past Aberdeen. It was a Monday afternoon and the kids were still  getting into the swing of the new week. It was a straight-forward performance, nothing special… just the usual reading session, bums and bogies, my normal enthusiasm and energy for books and 160 pupils in the audience.

And then it happened…

I wasn’t prepared for it, wasn’t expecting it and I was so shocked and thrilled by the effect I’d had on the kids that I was almost too slow to grab my phone.

The pupils spontaneously burst into a chant of Reading rocks! Reading rocks! Reading rocks! They were so inspired by my book presentation that they needed an outlet for their own enthusiasm – it wasn’t planned, rehearsed or even part of a normal gig – they just went for it as they queued to head back to class.

And it went on and on and on…

Eventually I snatched up my phone to capture the moment, there’s only one minute of tape but they kept it up for at least a minute before and a minute after I pressed ‘record’ – my only regret is I didn’t want to film the kids (their faces were brilliant) so I pointed the camera at the screen. It’s not right to record children in schools without permission but I didn’t want to miss their energy. Just listen to it.

The teachers didn’t want to stop it, every single pupil was openly admitting a love for reading, unafraid of what anyone else thought and books were cool again!

The head even said later she’d never seen such a passionate response to books, literacy or reading and it was at that moment that I truly realised that I was born to present the Reading Rocks! events. I was put on this planet to inspire kids to read more books, more often.

Just turn the sound up and enjoy!