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Reading Rocks On!

ReadingRocks hi-smallb

ReadingRocks hi-smallbIt’s been 355 days, 246 schools, 6 libraries, 5 book festivals, 55,000 kids performed to, 31 Edinburgh Festival events and over 10,000 books sold since I last updated my website!

My apologies but trust me, I’ve been a bit busy.

The last few months especially have been all about change, and taking charge of the important things. I ditched my old publisher in June, started working with a fantastic new illustrator called John Pender, secured my first international rights deal and published my 4th book in record time, ready for the Edinburgh Festival.

I’ll go into more details about all that stuff over the next few months but now the new school term has started and my diary is chocka with more bookings than ever. My new show Reading Rocks! is really taking off, inspiring kids to read more books, more often.

Fuzzy with PhilipAnd I never thought I’d top last year’s appearance at the Wigtown Book Festival alongside the Book Trust’s Writer-in-Residence Philip Ardargh (that’s Big Phil in the photo, apparently his beard makes all selfies go fuzzy) until I was invited to a book festival in Yorkshire… alongside… wait for it… MICHAEL MORPURGO!!!! You just might hear me mention this once or twice on Twitter @StuartReidBooks in the next few weeks :D

Oh, and I’ve formed a new top secret company called Gorgeous Gararge Ltd that plans to take over the world in the next few years. Watch this space!

New cover (john)Gorgeous George and the Unidentified Unsinkable Underpants Part 2 was released on the 31st July 2014 and launched at the Edinburgh Festival. It was originally meant to released in March, then promised in May, and again in June before I thought I would do it myself. No messing, no pifling around, just do it! (note to newbie authors – if publishers tell you it’s complicated, expensive, time-consuming or there’s things you won’t understand, don’t believe them. It’s not that tricky, costly or complicated, just don’t allow yourself to become distracted)

It’s endorsed by the Fast Show’s Charlie Higson, who said ‘It’s Underpantastic!’, which I think is my favourite quote of all time. In fact, Charlie has been a brilliant help, we’ve been tweeting back and forth and he’s even sent me loads of stuff for my creative writing workshops. As well as appearing on the telly Charlie writes his own books, including the Young James Bond series and his zombie-horror collection, starting with The Enemy, which I refer at schools; it’s really creepy, the kids love it.

And finally, here’s a sneeky peak at one of the illustrations from the soon-to-be-rereleased Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator. We celebrated the third anniversary of the publication of my first book back in August and it’s so exciting to see George’s new style developing, cooler, edgier and more dynamic than ever before. John’s a talented artist and there’s plenty more awesome artwork to follow.

And I promise you won’t need to wait another 355 days for the next post!

Grandpa Jock fighting

PS I realise that I’ve just mentioned Philip Ardargh, Charlie Higson and Michael Morpurgo in the same post, so apologies. David Walliams told me it was rude to name-drop.