Review for Unidentified Unsinkable Underpants Part2

New cover (john)You’ve no idea how chuffed I was this afternoon when a young lady, who had recently read my latest book, copied me into an email she sent to the Daily Record. If you can picture Bambi on ice, doing the Happy dance in my living room, well, that was me :D

The Daily Record has a book club in the Saturday supplement and Anna wanted to share her thoughts with them, just as I want to share this with you – unedited, unpaid for and unbelievable!

Thank you, Anna. I owe you one.

Review of- Gorgeous George and the Unidentified Unsinkable Underpants Part 2 by Anna Crichton aged 12

Gorgeous George and the Unidentified Unsinkable Underpants part 2 is incredible! The laughter that this book put me through is unreal, if you are looking for a new book to read with twists and turns, bumps and trumps then this is the one for you!

Stuart Reid has made an outstanding book about the great Scottish legend of the mythical creature by the name of Nessie that brings back to life the great Scottish wilderness with all of it’s secrets that have yet to be found. This book includes so many laugh-out-loud moments that I couldn’t even count (especially within the scenes of the great Grandpa Jock!)

Even though I feel that this book is aimed for children a bit younger than me it didn’t stop me reading it and thoroughly enjoying it, especially the great detail of the three scientist Peewee Peterson, Commander Chuck and Professor Marmaduke. I would recommend this if you are looking for a tummy tickling, tongue twisting book that will knock your socks of definitely try this brilliant book by Stuart Reid.

And now it’s over to you, Shari Low!

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2 Thoughts on “Review for Unidentified Unsinkable Underpants Part2

  1. elaine mckeown on October 29, 2014 at 10:25 pm said:

    Please can you tell me where i can buy this book, we cant find it anywhere

  2. Hi Elaine, it’s available in schools around the country and will shortly be on Amazon.

    Or you can drop me a note on the ‘contact us’ and I’ll arrange for a signed copy.

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