When I turned forty I realised that life was too short to stay serious. I wasn’t that my career choices had been the wrong ones up until then, they just hadn’t been the absolute RIGHT ones.

Having the opportunity to move to Dubai was a fantastic rollercoaster. My family and I flew out on my 40th birthday, life begins and all that, and I quickly learned that old people regret the things they didn’t do in life, much more than the things they did. So I started enjoying myself!

I began to do the things I loved doing when I was younger; writing, football and having fun. I wrote a stage play and four radio adverts. I became the Voice of Scottish Football on Gulf Radio 2 (I’ll need to work out how to stick up some sound clips) presenting twice a week for 10 minutes on the beauty of the SPL. (yes, I stretched it out for 10 minutes ;)

But I soon discovered that a life of matertialistic excess wasn’t for me so after two years we moved back to Scotland, bought a house with a nice garden and dug it up to grow potatoes, carrots and herbs.

I began writing seriously to finish my first children’s book, Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator before developing the need to badly photo-shop my book into the hands of various celebrities and writing about myself in the third party.

Stuart Reid is 47 years old, going on 10. Throughout his early life he was dedicated to being immature, having fun and getting into trouble. Occasionally, after scoring a goal in the playground Stuart was known to celebrate by kissing lollypop ladies, and he once broke his nose by running into a lamp-post with his jumper pulled up over his head. Although not musically gifted, Stuart has the ability to play music using only the pumping noises from his armpits.

Stuart once lobbied the British Olympic Committee to have ‘The Wedgie’ recognised as a national sport, creating both the ‘Giving’ and ‘Receiving’ categories and the scoring system with (skid) marks for technical merit, artistic impression and the durability/rippability of the underwear.He is allergic to ties; blaming them for stifling the blood flow to his imagination throughout his twenties and thirties.

After turning up at the wrong college, Stuart was forced to spend the next 25 years being boring, professional and corporate. His fun-loving attitude was further suppressed by the weight of career responsibility, as a business manager in the retail and hospitality industries in the UK and Dubai.

Stuart’s legs suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which means he has to wear shorts at all times. His mid-life crisis offered a return to immature madness involving bogies, bums, burps, songs about poo and running about his snow covered garden in only his pyjamas.

Stuart has been married for over twenty years. He has two children, a superman outfit and a spiky haircut.

Stuart is one of the busiest children’s authors around. His current book reading tour has seen him reading to over 120,000 children across Scotland and England. He expects to read to at least another 30,000 children in 2015 as he continues to visit schools across the British Isles.

Stuart’s uniquely entertaining readings are wild, wacky, crude, rude and hilariously fun for everyone involved. There are plenty of bogies, farts and false teeth flying. And because he talks to little people a lot, he has developed the ‘Ninja Signing Stance’, in order to come down to their eye level.

Check out what Stuart has been up to lately on Stuart’s Blog

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