Funnyer Than David Wallyums

Back in the olden days, when I had a real job, I used to present in illustrious venues such as the Burj Al Arab to esteemed audiences as the British Embassy and the British Business Group. Usually with those presentations, I found I should have one simple message to get across, then I’d repeat it. Then, just to make absolutely certain, I’d say it again. Now I’m back at schools, I think some of the kids are repeating this simplicity back to me.ShaunStobhill

Maybe my excitement and enthusiasm to be presenting again is rubbing off on the pupils.  They’ve started writing some fantastic letters, thanking me for coming along to their schools.

At first, it just nice to know that I wasn’t ‘really old and boring’, as young Shaun thought I was going to be. But I was quite pleased to Lewis Stobhillread that a chap called Lewis thought I was funnier than David Wallams, whoever David Wallams is, although I was rather surprised that Shaun didn’t realise that kids thought bums, bogies and jobbies were funny; I thought that was their main source of material.

If Calvin in Primary 6 tells me I am twice as ‘funny as David Wallims, exspeshally when talking about bogies and bums’ then how canI doubt a young man with such an expressive grasp of the English language. And when Kieran thought I was ‘even more funny than David Wallyums’, I began to wonder if a pattern was emerging.  Could this Wallams, Wallims and Wallyums be the same man?Becca Stobhill

Then it all suddenly became clear. Becca from Gorebridge explained that recently there had been an online GLOW meet with David Walliams, ‘him who swam the River Thames’, as Becca pointed out and I realised who I was being compared to. Wow, praise indeed, I thought.

Now, modesty forbids me from suggesting any such comparison exists (but you should see my presentations). David Walliams is a very famous, renowned and rich, award winning genius of modern comedy but if 10 year old Ewan wants to write and tell me that I’m ‘funnyer than David Walliams’ then who am I to argue.Kieran Stobhill

But before my head could become too big to leave the house, Jack F. in P6 kindly brought me back down to earth. Jack seems like a polite and matter-of-fact young fellow and he thanked me for coming into his school, he appreciated the good information I provided about my history and my book but I don’t think we share the same sense of humour because…

‘…when most people were laughing I was just sitting there wondering why that was funny’

Kieran Stobhill

Stuart’s end of first week school report – must try harder!

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