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Have fun. Learn lots.

False Teeth

Thank you for visiting my website. After 25 years in retail and hospitality management I have discovered my true vocation in life – writing, storytelling, presenting and  helping children learn to love reading.

Books are brilliant. Books are a stairway to the infinite reaches of the imagination and a gateway to the unfathomable depths of the soul.

If a child can unlock that skill and ability to visualise words as pictures inside their head then every time they pick up a book, for the rest of their lives, they can be transported to fantastic faraway places by the  author’s words.

Children must be taught that reading is fun. Books must be an adventure. It doesn’t have be boring or mundane or just for homework. Children must be allowed to read books they want to read, not just books that adults think they should.

Learning to love reading means learning to have lots of fun.

Books can  be yucky, disgusting, messy, imaginative, funny, crazy or just plain stupid but if it means that children learn to love words, then they have done their job well.

My presentations are enthusiastic, engaging and energetic. Audience participation is not only requested but expected.

Have fun. Learn lots. is a phrase I have repeated to my children every single day they went to school. I believe these two intertwined essentials are the foundation to a successful and happy childhood.

Oh, and the ability to laugh at bums, bogies and big bottom burps.